Always VIP: The Big Bang 5th Anniversary Party

VIPs! The long awaited five-year anniversary of our favorite idol group is almost upon us — August 20, 2011.I Heart Big Bang/Pinoy VIPs presents “Always VIP: The Big Bang 5th Anniversary Party”.

Big Bang and VIPs rule Ongaku Gayo Top 20

Not only did T.O.P. Philippines win Top Fan Group for being the club responsible for the most sales among all the local fandoms, but Big Bang nabbed some of the highest spots in the Top 20 bestselling merchandise from May 2010 to May 2011. Yes, you VIPS who ordered CDs and DVDs from us were responsible for Big Bang taking the top spots in the Ongaku Gayo Top 20.

Congratulations, T.O.P. Philippines and I Heart Big Bang/Pinoy VIPs!