Kpop rapper gets Instagram account to make sexy eyes at his phone camera

T.O.P. finally gets his first social media account since forever and tries to make up for all the years he has refused to socialize with human beings on the interwebs. The results are a little disturbing.
1012891_945267425513739_6555035189191318533_n 1471978_945267335513748_3464508146596041844_n 11175016_945267372180411_1439300909719463332_n 11149357_945267405513741_6947490399596686434_n 11048744_944930132214135_7292096805464460802_n T.O.P. Instagram

This is clearly the sexiest one so far.

T.O.P. Instagram

Let’s hope he keeps us entertained until Daedae finally gets on Twitter or something.

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