Official Statement of T.O.P. Philippines on the G-Dragon Issue

5 October 2011

Official Statement of T.O.P. Philippines on the G-Dragon issue

I know we’re all upset, guys, but let’s take this in perspective. G-Dragon made a mistake. He didn’t hurt anyone except perhaps himself and his reputation. Yes, he is looked up to by many fans, a lot of them are impressionable kids. However, it’s these kids’ parents whose job it is to raise them and teach them values, it’s not GD’s job. GD’s job is to make music and entertain us, and be true to the artist that he is.

Please don’t be vicious agains GD’s detractors. Marijuana use is a crime and so people are well within their rights to judge GD publicly for it. Don’t worry, he’s an adult, he can handle it. GD is a good guy who’s made mistakes, and he’s brave enough to take responsibility for his actions. What we can do is show our support and love for him.

Please don’t vent your anger towards the media outlets who published the news about this. That’s their job — to report the news. If they didn’t, they would’ve been betraying their mandate.

As for VIPs who are leaving the fandom because of this — they’re also well within their rights to do so. Be kind to them. VIP should not be a fandom that forces people to stay loyal even though their hearts are not in it. Ask yourself: are you in the fandom for the music, or are you in it for Big Bang’s popularity? If Big Bang became the least popular idol group in Korea, would you still call yourself a proud VIP? GD is taking some time for self-reflection — maybe we should do the same.

2011 has been both a good year and a bad year for Big Bang and VIPs. But our boys are still together and making the music that we love. That should be enough for us to get through this. So if you’re a fan, please show the world your support for G-Dragon. Write Beanpole and North Face and all the other companies GD and Big Bang endorse and tell them you will still buy their stuff despite the scandal. Write the tv stations and tell them you still want to see all the Big Bang members on their shows. If YGEnt’s stocks are falling, then think of it as a good time to buy some shares. Let the haters do what they feel they must do, and don’t respond with hate. In the end, it’s kindness and respect that will make the world a better place.

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