Filipino VIPs gather to celebrate Big Bang’s comeback

White Day: The Big Bang Comeback Party

White Day: The Big Bang Comeback Party

Makati City, Philippines – To mark the long-awaited comeback of one of K-pop’s biggest idol groups, the I Heart Big Bang/Pinoy VIPs fan club will host a party with a romantic “White Day” theme.

It’s a great time to be a VIP. Korea’s premiere pop idol group Big Bang  made its comeback late February with the release of its fourth mini-album and is currently dominating stages and charts in South Korea with songs like “Tonight” and “Café”. On March 19, the Philippine fan club I Heart Big Bang/Pinoy VIPs will host a party for Filipino VIPs called “White Day: The Big Bang Comeback Party“.

The event will have a romantic “White Day” theme and feature performances by popular local Big Bang cover artists like Dynam[i]te, the debut stage of Big Bang female cover group Big Bangs, mashup and remix videos by DJ AnimaBlue, Emcee RANTSOM, DJ Rexrowdee, and the launch of new, unreleased mashup videos by DJ Yigytugd. The party will be held in Times Square in Makati City, the country’s central business district and one of Metropolitan Manila’s most exciting party destinations. I Heart Big Bang’s media partner for this event is international k-pop news zine GoKPop, which will be providing coverage of the festivities, together with local music magazines.

“It feels like White Day for us because we received a most precious gift from our favorite idols — the gift of music,” said Mik Sabarre, president of the I Heart Big Bang/Pinoy VIPs fan club. “This album is Big Bang’s first after more than two years, so we just had to get together to celebrate this momentous event like true VIPs.” White Day in South Korea and Japan is marked by boys giving gifts to the girls who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day the month before.

Big Bang has been making inroads into the kpop fandom in the Philippines for a few years now. The full-length album by duo GD&TOP, composed of Big Bang’s rappers G-Dragon and T.O.P.,  was released in December last year and soon became a bestseller. The album was recently launched in local record stores on March 5 by Universal Records Philippines. Fans lined up outside the malls as early as 9 a.m. to be among the first to buy the CD, and stayed to join the fan activities that lasted till the afternoon. Local importers of Big Bang’s mini-album have reported brisk sales, and fans are confident that it will be one of the best selling k-pop albums in the Philippines this year.

This event is strictly a fan gathering and is not affiliated to either Big Bang nor YG Entertainment.

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